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Top Day Trips from Malaga

a view of a city

Top Day Trips from Malaga

Located in the region of Andalusia, Malaga is a mid-sized which offers the right combination of beach and culture.

Malaga is a great city which can be the base for many day tours to different top destinations in Andalusia Like Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and Seville.

Malaga is also just 100 kilometers east of the Strait of Gibraltar, which makes it an easy day trip to The Rock of Gibraltar.

The city’s airport and hotel infraestructure makes Malaga and ideal location to spend your vacation in Spain.

Here is a list of the top day trips from Malaga.



Probably one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Malaga. Ronda is ​about a 1.5-hour drive from Malaga. Ronda is a little off the beaten path, making a guided day trip an especially good option.

A spectacular gorge town, Ronda has Spain’s oldest bullfighting ring, some truly great bridges (Puente Nuevo, Puente Romano), as well as dramatic views of the countryside and gorge below (El Tajo).

Ronda is the birthplace of bullfighting and has a great wine industry tradition with around 25 wineries in the area, but it’s most famous for the iconic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) over the Tajo Gorge. It’s also got a beautiful whitewashed old town (la ciudad), Ronda is a hallmark of southern Spain.

Ronda is a fascinating mix of Moorish architecture, Roman ruins, and whitewashed Andalusian style houses. Ronda also has a wonderful gastronomy offer with lots of restaurants and tapas bars.


What to see and what to do in Ronda?

  • Visit its iconic burring, the oldest one in Spain
  • Visit Puente Nuevo, or new bridge of Ronda.
  • Visit the old town and its narrow streets.
  • Take a walk in Jardines De Cuenca and see the New Bridge from a different perspective.
  • Capture the breathtaking views of dramatic mountains around Ronda
  • Go wine tasting at one of the beautiful wineries in Ronda.

Book your day trip to Ronda now!



a castle like building with Alhambra in the background


Granada city is the capital of Granada province. It’s located around 133 km or 2 hours from Malaga.

The main attraction in Granada is the Alhambra palace and the neighbouring UNESCO-listed Generalife Gardens. Granada has plenty of churches, monasteries, convents and palaces. A day trip from Malaga to Granada should be on the bucket list of every visitor.

Granada is set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the incredible Alhambra justifies a trip on its own. But it doesn’t stop at the Alhambra palace,  a walk through the old neighborhood of Albaycin with its labyrinthine streets it is really a must.

What to see and what to do?

  • Visit the Alhambra palace and its gardens.
  • Explore the neighborhoods of Albaycin and Sacromonte.
  • Enjoy the views from the Mirador de San Nicolas.
  • Have fun shopping at Alcaicera Market.

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Nerja & Frigiliana

a group of people on a beach

Nerja is located 1 hour drive on the east side of Malaga.

Nerja is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Malaga province. It used to be a typical fishing village.

The famous attraction of Nerja is the “Balcon de Europa” or Europe´s balcony that offers a dramatic view of the coast. It also has typical Andalusian narrow streets and a beautiful center.

Nerja is also the house of the famous Nerja Caves, They were discovered on the 12th of January 1959 by a group of young locals who were on a late-night walk searching for bats. The Nerja Caves are the perfect place to learn about Nerja’s past. The caves in Nerja have been clasified as a “Cultural Interest” location, a form of heritage register in Spain.

10 minutes from Nerja you will find the town of Frigiliana, which is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Frigiliana is a whitewashed village with typical narrow streets in inmaculate conditions, there are many restaurants and tapas bars all around the town.

What to see and what to do on a day trip from Malaga to Nerja?

  • Enjoy the views from the balcony of Europe
  • Wonder around the old town
  • Visit the caves of Nerja.
  • Visit the Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Book your day trip to Nerja now!



a group of people sitting at a table in front of a building

Located 1 hour weat of Malaga.

Marbella is a beautiful town located in the heart of Costa del Sol. It is a perfect destination for Malaga day trip from Malaga. Thanks to its mild temperatures in the winter time, Marbella is a great place for your winter vacation, think of it as the Palm Beach of Europe.

Marbella is particularly known for being a beach resort for the rich and famous, you can´t miss Puerto Banus with its many luxury yaths, designer boutiques and 5 stars rating restaurants.

Before going  to the numerous beaches, be sure to spend a few hours wandering aound the Old Town and Plaza de los naranjos.


What to see and what to do in Marbella?

  • Explore the Old Town of Marbella.
  • Visit Puerto Banus (show until you drop)
  • Take a walk at La Alameda Park.
  • Enjoy a paella in one of its many beach restaurants (chiringuitos)
  • Enjoy the beach promenade and its countless beach bars.


a view of a rocky mountain with Rock of Gibraltar in the background

Located 2;30h from Malaga, Gibraltar is truly a curiosity that needs to be visited as it’s currently ruled by British law as a British colony. Gibraltar is famous for its monkeys! on top of that, tt is one of the best-fortified places in Europe that has experienced numerous sieges throughout its history.

The spectacular Cuevas de San Miguel are a must see on your visit, as are the Mediterranean Steps to reach the top of The Rock from where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas and views all the way to Morroco.

The Main Street is also a popular stop for people looking for some retail therapy where you can indulge yourself in everything from liquor stores to souvenir stores.


What to see and what to do in Gibraltar?

  • View the giant cave- St Michael’s Cave in The Rock National Park.
  • Visit a few of the famous churches of Gibraltar, including St Mary the Crowned, the Cathedral of Holy Trinity and the King’s Chapel.
  • Capture the fantastic views of Gibraltar Straight and Africa from the Rock.
  • Explore the endless tunnels at The Great Siege Tunnels.


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