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Olive Oil Tour

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Spend the morning in the Spanish countryside visiting an olive oil mill

A visit to the authentic olive oil mill is sure to make your morning special. Our driver collects you from the place of your residence in Malaga, and your customized olive oil tour with olive oil tasting begins! A short trip by car takes you to the original mill, situated in the wonderful Spanish countryside next to the Montes de Malaga nature park.

As you drive up to the beautiful whitewashed farmhouse, the hosts greet you and offer the best Mediterranean breakfast you can find in the area. Enjoy fragrant homemade bread, gourmet olive oil, and goat cheese. Having replenished your energy, you can continue the tour! It includes visiting the original (still functioning!) mill and the modern, technologically advanced building, where you can compare the long road oil production has taken over the years.

Next, you are invited to see the good-looking and well-maintained olive groves. Local experts tell you about the intricacy of growing olive trees and collecting olives. You learn that it is not that easy to extract oil and store it to preserve the best properties of this healthy product. In addition, you learn that there are different olive types and see how this influences the taste of olive oil.

The whole tour lasts about two hours and includes a lot of walking. Thus, you are highly recommended to wear your comfortable walking shoes and a hat. Andalusian summers are hot and sunny, so protection from the sun is a must!