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Bull & Andalusian Horse Farm & Ronda Walking Tour

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A Trip to the Horse and Bull Breeding Farm and a Walking Tour of Ronda

Just like a trip to Spanish whitewashed villages, a private tour to the Andalusian horse and bull farm can shed light on the traditional Spanish life in rural areas. During the trip, you learn interesting facts about the breeding of pedigree horses and fighting bulls. The best place to breed these animals of pride is virtually against the backdrop of the finest countryside of Southern Spain. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes during the trip with our private driver.

The very first thing you are welcome to see is how the fighting bulls breeding process and their selection take place. Fighting bulls are born to the best breeding stock cows. Then the farmers take care of the calves and the young bulls until they become full-grown fighting stallions. This is the right moment when the bulls can deliver a good show and help men express their passion for bullfighting. Though this tradition is very disputable and greatly opposed as a way of entertainment, it must be said firmly that young bulls are bred with due love and proper care.

Another part of your memorable tour is the experience of observing the selected Andalusian horses. It is such a romantic moment to see the horses roam free in the pasturelands. The horses can be accessed on one of the farmers’ vehicles. As you are driven across the pastureland, you see the original nature of Andalusia in full splendor. The cattle caretakers tell you the details of breeding horses and maintaining their health. The professionals can also answer all of your questions if you are interested in how farms are run. After the visit, you can savor a glass of Ronda’s selected wine and eat the best tapas in the region.

Visiting the Andalusian bull and horse farm is not the end of your day trip. Your next destination is the city of Ronda, and you have nearly an hour to explore it. They say that Ronda is one of the most beautiful places in Andalusia, and not only due to its unique location on top of a mountain, separated by the blood-chilling El Tajo Gorge. As a very old and culturally rich town, Ronda has survived a few historic periods, and each of them has left its mark on the town’s outlook.

From the Islamic times, the town has preserved the Arab baths, the old fortifications, and the impressive mansions, which are mostly open to the public now or transformed into museums of Ronda’s historic and cultural heritage. Moorish palaces were claimed by the Christian rulers, so King Abomelik’s residence was eventually taken over by King Ferdinand and his wife Isabelle. The town also has beautiful churches, such as the Church of the Holy Spirit.

After seeing the bull breeding cycle, you must see the oldest bullfighting arena in Spain. Ronda’s legendary bullring, El Maestranza, has seen a lot. So have you during this intense private tour! After exploring Ronda, you are driven back to your hotel.