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Tapas & Wine in Ronda

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Ronda Winery Tour (with Tapas) and Tour of Ronda

Ronda is known for a plethora of exclusive wineries, most of which are run by families and dynasties of winemakers. Spending a few hours at Finca La Melonera, a paragon of Ronda’s wineries, is a must-do for all tourists who are staying in Malaga or on the Costa del Sol.

Ronda is situated right in the heart of the area that used to be an important wine-making region in the ancient Roman Empire. Wines from here were sent back to Rome to be consumed by its worthiest citizens. The tradition has been preserved until today; there are 28 wineries in the vicinity. Our private tour takes you to Finca La Melonera, an organic winery with indigenous grape varieties, best known for their taste and aroma.

The trip normally starts near your place of residence, be it a hotel or the port area of Malaga. The driver reaches Finca La Melonera in about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, you enjoy the best Andalusian landscapes, whitewashed villages, and olive and orange groves. Though the countryside here looks very authentic, the winery stands out due to its contemporary building and maintained vineyards.

First, you walk through the vineyards and hear an interesting story about the best grapes that had been lost in Andalusia and the days when they were miraculously revived. Next, the guide tells you about the best growing conditions depending on the soil type and altitude. As the day progresses, it will get much hotter, and you will find a lucky escape in a cool barrel room, where the actual process of winemaking is explained. The next part of your tour is a wine tasting session where you are treated to the best tapas in the area.

The day trip is not over yet, and the guide will invite you to visit the city of Ronda, where you are given an hour of free time. It is not for nothing that Ronda is considered one of the most impressive and historic destinations in Andalusia. Located on top of the El Tajo gorge, Ronda is divided into two parts by the famous Puente Nuevo bridge. The city is really old and dates back to Roman times, which adds a sense of antiquity and cultural importance.

In the Islamic age, the city served as the residence for Moorish kings and the nobility. When the Christians established their rule in Ronda, it changed its outlook and acquired a few picturesque religious sites, the Church of St. Mary in particular. Later it became the birthplace of bullfighting and still hosts the oldest bullring in Spain. It must be visited to feel a special atmosphere and cultural heritage.

The shortlist of Ronda’s sights includes the Arab baths, the old walls, the Palacio de Mondragon, and the Cuenca Gardens. Yet the best spot for pictures is definitely the blood-chilling El Tajo gorge and the impressive Puente Nuevo bridge, which symbolizes the triumph of human engineering genius and offers a great panorama of not only the city but the surrounding area as well.

A visit to Ronda crowns the day as we near the end of your private tour. After seeing the city, we take you back to your hotel or cruise ship.