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About Us

Costa Excursions Málaga

Costaexcursions has been working hard to create unique experiences for those who like to consider a trip as an opportunity for personal enrichment, adventure and a chance to experience the Spanish culture in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We offer the opportunity to experience the typical Spanish tourist routes like a day trip to Ronda or to have a unique experience in some aspects of the Spanish culture, such as seeing a citrus farm or an olive oil mill.

We also understand that some people want adventure, or on the contrary, a leisure day at the beach or playing golf. With this in mind, we have created a number of packages that appeal to the desires of a diverse traveler base.

We offer Quality Tours at affordable prices!

“Costa Excursions is a boutique tour provider specialized in organizing the most wonderful private day trips and tours in Malaga and Andalusia”

Meet Our Team

Peter Fischer


Born and raised in Malaga, Peter spent his university years in the United States. A keen traveler, Peter has spent most of his life traveling. He has spent many years touring Spain with American visitors. Peter believes that a tour should be an experience and began researching trips off the beaten path of the typical excursions offered by big agencies. He also recognizes that it is difficult to get real experience in a large group, hence the idea for private excursions for individuals and small groups. Co-owner, online marketing specialist and travel aficionado.

Thomas Liedtke


Thomas is a German citizen brought up in Malaga. During his university years, he returned to Germany and later settled in Malaga where he married. Thomas works with Peter in finding unique experiences for the tourist keeping in mind the German taste for adventure and cultural experience. Co-owner, day trip manager and logistic specialist.