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Why Book a Private Tour?

Unique & Innovative Itineraries

Costa Excursions has created many one-of-a-kind shore excursions and day trip excursions that are ONLY featured on our website. Our Bodega Day Tour and our Olive Oil Day Tour are prime examples of how we have utilized our small group tours to realize tour itineraries that would have been otherwise impossible to offer. When it comes to touring SMALL IS BETTER! Throughout our program of tours, the itineraries featured have been carefully designed to ensure that our clients get the most from the time they spend with us.

Why take a private excursion while in Malaga?

There are numerous reasons to choose a private shore excursion. A private shore excursion offers an easy, stress-free way to do sight-seeing or have a cultural experience. You are collected from your chosen location and transferred to a comfortable car or minivan. There is no need to worry about driving, traffic, getting lost in an unknown town or city or finding parking.

You are on your own and not with a busload full of people being shuffled around in a large group. This also allows for greater flexibility as you are not bound to hours set in a large organized tour.

Finally, all of our private excursions have been handpicked by our team. We are locals, of various nationalities, and have chosen the most interesting excursions that we have found. We have researched, experienced and enjoyed the excursions we offer you. Great effort has been put into finding excursions that offer a unique experience, be it cultural, culinary, adventure, sport or just plain relaxation.

"A private excursion offers a unique and personalized experience"