How to Choose a Shore Excursion in Malaga

All cruise lines arrange shore excursions while in Malaga, some of them are very expensive, to help you make the most of your time in every port of call. But is it worth to pay those expensive shore trips that the cruise line organize? Is it better to plan a day trip on your own? Should you just do your own thing? Here are some questions to ask yourself so you can enjoy your stay in Malaga the way you want.

1. Just want to be tourist for a day?

The cruise line will always try to sell you an excursion, but if you just want to walk around the city of Malaga, shop or visit the local beach, pick up a map and do it alone. Malaga has plenty of shops, restaurants and museums within walking distance of the dock. And don’t forget that you can often find hop-on hop-off buses that make it simple and fun to get an overview of everything, with more in-depth glimpses wherever you choose.

2. Do you want to avoid the big bus tours? offer private tours in luxury cars and vans for people who don’t want to climb aboard a bus. We offer a number of excursions or you can contact us if you would like to create your own excursion.

3. Do you want to immerse yourself in local culture?

In we provide a hands-on local experience that you probably won’t find on your own: a visit, say, to a vineyard, or a visit to an olive oil mil.

4. Do you want to relax in luxury?

Visits to beaches, scenic sails, romantic catamaran cruises — these excursions are all designed to remind you why you took a cruise in the first place: to sit back and relax. Book one if you’re craving that kind of day.

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Top 4 Reasons Why it is Better to Travel On a Private Tour

One of the hardest decisions when you plan your holiday or travel to the Costa delo Sol is: “Should I join a large group bus tour or should  I arrange a private custom designed tour?

Each one of us will have a different response to this question, but from our  experience in the travel industry, the private tour wins.  You may say. “But they tend to cost more,” yes Indeed  private tours do cost more, but make sure you know the added value that you get with a private tour. Let me give you the top reasons why you should travel in a private tour.

Reason 1: You can create and design your perfect itinerary

Since we all have different preferences when it comes to travel, it is important for the traveler to design their own tour or choose a prívate tour from a especialized  prívate tour operator . Why leave it to some random tourist trap operator to tell you what you should see and where you should go?

Reason 2: Flexibility

When traveling on a private tour, you can stop whenever you want and visit the sites that most interest you. If you have a driver / guide with you that can show you the real jewels of the country, you can be flexible and experience more than the regular tourism circuit.  If you want to start early, have some free time, spend more time on a specific place…a private tour allows you to do this. With the group, you are on a schedule and you better be on time.

Reason 3: Food

It is nice to experience the local taste that represents the places that  I´m visiting.  On a private tour, you can choose the places, the types of food, the budget and enjoy your experience always with the advice of your private guide.

Reason 4: It is private

Obviously the final and most important reason is that you can enjoy your  tour with your friends or family members. There are no strangers! No weird personalities that might affect your tour! Just the people you chose!

“But they cost more!” In the end, I am willing to pay some extra money so that I can truly enjoy my holiday and create an experience that I will remember forever.

In we especialize in private tours in Malaga and Costa del sol. Please check our excursions 

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Malaga Port & City Guide

Malaga Port & City Guide


Download the compete guide as a PDF document


This guide includes:

1) Interesting facts
2) Malaga Port description
3) Guide and map of the historic center of Malaga
4) Description and location of places of interest including Museum information
5) Culinary offer
6) Shopping in Malaga
7) Transportation in Malaga. Subway, bus and much more
8) Malaga and its surroundings


1) Interesting facts


Spanish. In tourist places most people also speak English.
The currency in Spain is the Euro (€). There are numerous teller machines around the city.
Opening Hours


In Malaga, shops open their doors from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. and close for lunch at around 1.30 or 2 p.m. They reopen in the afternoon between 4 and 5 and remain open until 8 or 8.30. However, none of the large shopping centres close at lunchtime. Some shops and all the shopping centres and department stores open on Saturday afternoon, whilst all shops are closed on Sundays, except for certain special periods throughout the year such as Christmas. However, shops in the Historic Quarter, in what is commonly referred to as the tourist area, may also open on Sundays and holidays especially when demand is high (for example, when cruise ships dock in the port).


Most banks open between 8 to 2.30 p.m. However, there is an extensive ATM network where you can get cash whenever you need it.
Restaurants and Bars

In Malaga, as in the rest of Spain, meals are usually eaten later than in other European countries. Breakfast is normally between 9 and 11 a.m. Lunch is usually served between 2 and 3 in the afternoon and dinner between 9 and 10 in the evening. However, mealtimes in restaurants are adjusted to the working day and the lifestyle of our visitors, so you can have your lunch from 1 until about 3 p.m., whilst dinner is usually served from 9 to about 11.30 p.m.


Weather in Malaga

The climate in Malaga is extremely moderate in winter with mild minimum temperatures. The summers are tempered by the city’s proximity to the sea. Rainfall is low with an average of 469.2 mm. The highest rainfall occurs between November and March; the summer is very dry.

Malaga enjoys an annual average of 2,901 hours of sunshine. The maximum hours of sunshine occur in July with an average of 354 hours and the minimum hours of sunshine are in December with 167 hours. This, together with the mild temperatures, make Malaga’s climate ideal in winter and very pleasant in spring and autumn.


2) Port of Malaga

Malaga port is modern , clean and open to the city. It has 2 main docks . The “Muelle Uno”, is an open mall with a wide range of restaurants as well as a shopping area, In 2015 the Museum Pompidou opened its doors in “Muelle Uno”. “Muelle Uno” leads to “Muelle Dos”, which is an incredible modern walk surrounded by palm trees that leads to the Plaza de la Marina, the beginning of Malaga historic city center.

The docking area for cruises is located in “muelle de Levante”, with its two modern terminals A and B. The distance between the cruise terminals and Plaza de la Marina, is aprox. 2 KM. This distance runs along the mentioned Muelle Uno and Muelle Dos. This is walking distance but alternatively there is an electric bus that will take you to Plaza de la Marina for €3.


3+4) Historic City Center

Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It´s strategic location made it important to all of the great civilizations including the Moors, the Romans and the Greeks.
The historic city center of Malaga is located just in front of the port. The main thoroughfare is Calle Larios which is surrounded by a maze of pedestrian streets full of shops, museums, bars and restaurants.
Malaga has an array of museums that can be visited by tourists. Malaga was the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso, so naturally, there is a museum in his honour. His birthplace, just off of the Plaza de la Merced, can also be visited.
Most of Malaga´s most interesting sites can all be found within the historic city center, all within easy walking distance from the Port.
Costaexcursions offers a number of interesting city tours for the visitor who doesn´t want to see the city on their own!


Malaga Cathedral

The Cathedrals full name is Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (Our Lady of Incarnation) although in Malaga it is simply known as “the Cathedral”.

The building is one of the best examples of Spanish religious art and is located on the remains of other ancient buildings such as the early Almohad mosque.

The foundations were laid around 1530 and work ended in the 17th century, although it is unfinished and lacks coping on the main façade and the south tower. The missing tower has led to it being popularly known as La Manquita (one-armed) and a legend that is still told today says that the money allocated for its completion in the 19th century was sent to pay for the wars in America, although there is evidence that the money actually went to fund emergency public works in the province.
You will find the Museo Catedralicio (Cathedral Museum) inside the cathedral.


La Alcazaba

This fortress palace, whose name in Arabic means citadel, is one of the city’s historic monuments and is much visited because of its history and beauty.

The building that dates from the Muslim period is located at the foot of the Gibralfaro hill, crowned by the Arab defence works to which the Alcazaba is connected by a walled passage known as the Coracha. With the Roman Theatre and the Aduana Customs Building, this special corner offers the chance to observe Roman, Arab and Renaissance culture, all within a few yards of each other.

According to Arab historians, it was built between 1057 and 1063 at the instructions of Badis, King of the Berber Taifa of Granada.

The Almoravids conquered Malaga in 1092 and the Almohads in 1146. In 1279 the city was conquered by Muhammed II Ben al-Ahmar and became part of the Nasrid kingdom. The renovation of the Alcazaba on its rocky base gave it a markedly Nasrid appearance. It combines its defensive purpose with the characteristic of an Arab palace and is organized around rectangular patios and gardens and pools. According to the traditional architectural tenets of Granada, the rooms attempt to combine the play of light and shade that the Arab master builders achieved so well.

The building’s military components make it one of the most important Muslim works in Spain today. Despite its machiolations, turrets, arrow slits and battlements, perhaps its most effective defence was its location, overlooking the city and bay.

It was restored several times most recently in the 20th century, and today the building and its important archaeological legacy can be visited.



Malaga has become a true City of Museums. There are 36 museums, most of them concentrated in the historic quarter, making Malaga’s old town one of those with the highest density of museums.

List of the most important Museums in Malaga:
-1 Museo Picasso Málaga Palacio de Buenavista, Calle San Agustín, 8

-2 Museo Carmen Thyssen Calle Compañía, 10

-3 Centre Pompidou Málaga Puerto de Málaga, Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n, Muelle 1

-4 Museo Ruso Málaga Edificio de Tabacalera, Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15

-5 Museo Casa Natal de Picasso Plaza de la Merced, 15

-6 Museo del Automóvil Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15

-7 Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga Calle Alemania S/N

-8 Museo Catedralicio Calle Molina Lario, 9

-9 Museo del Patrimonio Municipal Paseo de Reding, 1

-10 Museo del Vino de Málaga Plaza de los Viñeros, 1

At the following link you will find a map of Malaga, it will come handy to find specif areas for the city:


5) Culinary Offer

Malaga provides and extensive culinary offer. Cruise passengers can relax in one of the numerous terraces in the Malaga old quarter and try typical and famous tapas dishes.

Or if you wish to try the fantastic seafood, you can try the typical “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), at any of the specialized seafood restaurants located in Malaga center or the nearby sea promenade.

There are also numerous contemporary and awarded restaurants that offer international cusine as well as mediterranean specialities. Don´t leave the city without trying what Malaga has to offer.


6) Shopping in Malaga

An area for shopping is present from the moment that the cruise passengers leave their ship and find the Muelle Uno shopping and recreational area.

Another option for shopping is the Historic Quarter. You will be able to combine your shopping trip with a visit to the historic area with its many pedestrian thoroughfares, making your shopping tour all the more enjoyable. The historic area is the city’s largest commercial area with over a thousand establishments that will vie for your attention with the incomparable monuments and museums.


7) Transportation

There is an extensive variety of transportation options in Malaga. Although the majority of points of interest are located within the historic center, it is also interesting to visit other parts of the city.

These are our recommendations:

The oldest and most classic way to visit the city is with a horse-driven carriage. There are several stops around the city center, the typical trip last 45 minutes and will take you to the city center and other points of interest in Malaga.

Another possibility to explore the city is with a “HOP ON-HOP OFF” tourist bus. These buses run along the historic city center and has numerous stops along the way.

More information on the following link:

The last option is to use the public transportation system. Malaga has a network of public buses and 2 subway lines.

– Autobuses


8) Malaga and its sorroundings

Malaga is the heart of the internationally acclaimed Costa del Sol. It has many interesting places to visit and they are all at a close distance for shore excursions. We recommend the following places to visit while you are in Malaga.
To visit any of these destinations you need to have your own transportation. One recommended option to visit these destination in a worry free and relaxing way avoiding crowded tour buses, is to hire a private shore excursion like the ones we offer at Costa Excursions.


The Beaches

If there is something representative of the Costa del Sol, it is the beaches. With more than 150 kilometers of coast, Malaga has an extensive selection of beaches to spend the day . From the more secluded beaches on the east side of Malaga to the more touristic ones in towns like Torremolinos or Marbella .

MARBELLA and PUERTO BANÚS. Marbella is one of the most well know tourist destinations in Europe. Marbella and the nearby Puerto Banús are the preferred destination for the rich and famous since the 70s.



From the numerous and wonderful inland towns of the province of Malaga, Ronda is probably the most well known. Famous for it breach and tajo y el Puente Viejo, Ronda is also well know for it wines, there are numerous wine cellars located in wonderful surroundings
Also worth mentioning is the village of Mijas, Mijas is a white washed village that has maintained its andalusian charm. It is a short distance from Malaga an can easily be visited for cruise passengers wishing to visit a village.



Costa Excursions is a boutique tour operator specialized in organizing the most wonderful private day tours and private shore excursions in Malaga and Costa del Sol.
We offer Quality Tours at affordable prices.

Costaexcursions has been working hard to create unique experiences for those who prefer to consider a trip as an opportunity for personal enrichment, adventure and a chance to experience the Spanish culture in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We offer the opportunity to experience the typical Spanish tourist routes or to have a unique experience in a particular aspect of the Spanish culture, such as seeing a citrus farm or an olive oil mill.

We also understand that some people want adventure, or on the contrary, a leisure day at the beach or playing golf. With this in mind, we have created a number of packages that appeal to desires of a diverse traveler base.

See more at:



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Shore Excursions vs. Private Shore Excursions

Malaga Shore Excursions

One of the most commonly asked questions by travelers on a cruise is whether to book a shore excursion through the Cruise Line or whether to book a private shore excursion.

The Cruise Lines book through local tour operators and the tours tend to be pricier than if you were to do it on your own, particularly if you are a larger group. At times it is easier to book through the Cruise Line, particularly if you are in an exotic location or the port is located a long distance from the city, as may be the case with London or Rome.

On the downside, these tours tend to be on large buses so your experience is less personalized. Private Shore Excursions offer a great alternative to large tours and offer you a more personal and authentic experience. In a small group you can tailor your excursion more to your needs and see what you want to see. You may visit a historic site within your own time frame and then move on and not be restrained by the hours set for each activity. There is more opportunity to mingle with locals and avoid tourist traps. Private Shore Excursions also offer a more varied range of tours than those offered by local tour operators.

A Private Shore Excursion may offer you more of an experience than a tour. Private Shore Excursions, apart from the typically offered tours, also look for more unusual and unique activities. You may be in for a quiet day at the beach, but this means arriving on your own to a chosen beach that doesn´t have a bus load of people joining you. Or you may be in for an adventure or want to use the time to enjoy a sport. Many destinations have many unique opportunities that aren´t offered by local tour operators.

Browse our Private Shore Excursions for Malaga to find a host of unique and cultural experiences!

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Malaga Day Trips

Travel Excursions From Malaga

Whether you are spending a day or a few hours in Malaga (cruise ships) or you are staying in Malaga, the Andalusian city is the perfect starting point for exploring southern Spain.
You have organized tours to Marbella, Ronda or Mijas. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the Malaga Day Trips on this page will be the best part of your stay in Malaga.

Day Trip Mijas
Malaga Day Trip: Mijas

Located in the mountains above the coast, this charming village is a cluster of whitewashed buildings nestled into the mountainside. Mijas offers a glimpse of village life with its narrow cobblestoned streets and whitewashed buildings.

This is the perfect example of an old Spanish village on the coast that has managed to retain its old world charm. Visit the Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, a chapel made of rock that offers both views of the village and the coast below. Wander through Mijas with its craft shops and take a famous donkey tour through the village. The Parroquial Church is located in a park with lovely views of the coast, and on a clear day, you can see straight across the Mediterranean to Morocco. The Bullring, located just across from the church, is the only square bullring in Spain.

Those who are fit, can walk up the narrow streets through the neighborhoods to experience true village life. Take time to sit in a café and have a drink, or enjoy one of the many restaurants in Mijas.

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Marbella day trip

Malaga Day Trip: Marbella & Puerto Banus

Marbella is located on the western Costa del Sol at the foot of the Sierra Blanca Mountain, approximately an hour drive from Malaga. Marbella is a favourite destination for Europe´s jetset and Middle Eastern royalty.

Once a small seaside village, Marbella became an important tourist destination in the 1970´s. The modern part of the city boasts a beautiful sea side promenade with a variety of cafes and restaurants. On a clear day you can see Gibraltar and Morocco across the sea. The old quarter of the town center has maintained its old charm and is pedestrian only and has white washed buildings and narrow cobblestoned streets. The center of the old quarter is the Plaza de los Naranjos where cafes line this orange tree filled square.Explore the maze of narrow passages lined with tourist shops, posh boutiques and lovely restaurants.

Puerto Banus is a few minutes’ drive from center Marbella. In Puerto Banus, have a stroll and see some of the mega yachts owned by royalty and the rich and famous.
The marina boasts more than 900 moorings. You can browse among the many boutiques or have a meal or drink at one of the many restaurants in the marina.

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day trip ronda

Malaga Day Trip: Ronda

Spend a day touring Ronda, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in Andalusia. Ronda is a mountain top city nestled on the dramatic El Tajo Gorge, which separates the old and new parts of the city. Ronda is one of Spain´s oldest towns dating back to Islamic times when it was an important cultural city. Hemingway described Ronda as the most romantic town in Spain.

Cross the impressive Puente Nuevo bridge, Ronda´s most famous landmark, which straddles the deep Gorge and connects the Moorish part of Ronda with the modern part of the city. Here you can truly appreciate the rugged gorge and the beautiful country landscape. There are many attractions worth visiting in Ronda. The Arab Baths, built at the end of the 13th century, are the best preserved in Spain.

The old wall and gate to the city give a unique glimpse into Ronda´s Islamic past. The Palacio de Mondragon houses the municipal museum and has some spectacular gardens. It was built and residence of the Moorish King Abomelik and used later as a residence for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle. The city also has some impressive churches including the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor. The Jardines de Cuenca (Cuenca Gardens) should not be missed as they are located on ledges over the Tajo and offer spectacular views of the countryside and city. Ronda is said to be the home of modern bullfighting so a visit to its famous bullring cannot be missed.

The bullring is one of the oldest and most impressive in Spain. There is a museum and guided audio tour of the bullring.

– See more at:

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Best Day and Shore Excursions in Malaga

It is easy to understand why Malaga City is well know as the Capital of the Costa del Sol. Once considered the poor cousin of Andalusia’s capital city, Seville, it now competes successfully for attention, thanks to its beautiful pedestrianised centre, famous museums like Picasso Museum or Tyssen Musuem, micheline awarded restaurants and stylish hotels, many featuring trendy rooftop terraces with bar, pool and stunning views. Muelle Uno is the latest addition, a contemporary leisure complex in the port

Best Day Excursions in Malaga

Some of the main atractions that Malaga has to offer:

  • Sagrario Church: next to the Cathedral.
  • Santiago Church: the church where in 1881 was baptized Picaso. It is on Calle Granada.
  • Palace Marqués de Valdeflores: located in calle Carreterría.
  • Bishop’s Palace: or Palacio Episcopal. It dates from 1762. Bishop’s Palace is located to the Cathedral. Among the most beautiful places to visit in Malaga.
  • Customs Palace: or Palacio de la Aduana. Dates from 1788. It was built to manage the port’s traffic.
  • La Alcazaba: dates from the 11th century. It is constructed on the Phoenician-Punic origin old fort. Located on the Mount Gibralfaro hill.
  • Malaga Bullring: dates from 1867, located in La Malaguerta.
  • Gibralfaro: the castle name is after a Phoenician beacon.
  • Roman Theatre: dates from the 1st century BC. It is built in the Roman city by Emperor Caesar Augustus. Located next to the Cathedral. Castle of Gibralfaro and Alcazaba are in adjacent.
  • Picasso’s Birthplace (Museum), Fundacion Picasso: Pablo Picaso was born in 1881 in Malaga. His home is located in the Plaza de La Merced and currently it is the Picaso Foundation’s headquarters and a historic monument with artistic heritage.
  • Tivoli World: located in Benalmadena. This amusement park is the perfect place for whole the family.
  • The Cathedral: built over a former Great Mosque. It combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.


Best Shore Excursions While In Malaga


Malaga City Tour & Alcazaba on a Segway

Seway malaga

If you are feeling adventurous and want to enjoy Malaga at its best, we have a selection of shore excursions for every taste.Enyoy a gided visit to Malaga center while riding on a Segway. More information about this tour


bike malaga



Combine a bike tour of Malaga with the tradition of tapas and wine. Enjoy an historical and culinary tour of one of Andalusia´s most beautiful cities – More information about this tour


Discover the unique experience of seeing an olive oil mill where you can learn about the varieties of oils and how they are made – More information about this tour



Malaga Golf



Enjoy a day playing Golf in a 9 holes par 3 golf course in a beautiful setting – More information about this excursion



juanitos´s orange



Spend a day at a citrus farm learning about different citrus fruits and their cultivation and production. More information about this excursion



Mijas Village



Spend a half day in the picturesque village of Mijas. Located in the mountains above the coast, this charming village is a cluster of whitewashed buildings nesteld into the mountainside. Mijas offers a glimpse of village life with its narrow cobblestoned streets and whitewashed buildings. More information about this excursion



wine tour ronda



Visit a winery and learn about the traditional local grape and its revival. Wine tasting and tapas. More information about this tour




wine tasting malaga



Spend a half day in the picturesque village of Mijas. Take a guided Tuk Tuk tour of the village. Wine tasting and tapas. More information about this excursion



Marbella day excursion



Spend the day in the exclusive seaside resort of Marbella and visit the upscale marina, Puerto Banus. More information about this excursion



safari tour Malaga



Discover the wonderful Spanish countryside in modern open top jeeps. More information about this tour



Ronda day excursions



Spend a day touring Ronda, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in Andalusia. Ronda is a mountain top city nestled on the dramatic El Tajo Gorge, which separates the old and new parts of the city. Ronda is one of Spain´s oldest towns dating back to Islamic times when it was an important cultural city. Hemingway described Ronda as the most romantic town in Spain. More information about this excursion



bulls in ronda



Have you ever wanted to see a Spanish bull, the ones used in bullfights? We offer you that opportunity! Set in the beautiful Andalusian countryside, this pastureland is the setting for breeding the Spanish fighting bull, as well as the elegant Andalusian horse. Groups have the opportunity to appreciate first-hand the breeding of these typically Spanish animals. – More information about this excursion
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Things to see in Malaga for cruise passengers

What to do in Malaga

Things to see in Malaga. The city of Malaga has in recent years invested heavily in the infrastructure for cruise ships. You will dock at the large modern cruise terminal in the eastern dock of the port of Malaga. From there it is about 2 km to the historical center and sights. From the cruise port of Malaga, you can not only visit the city, but it can also be the starting point to numerous excursions that we have available for you.

If you decide to stay in Malaga center, these are some interesting places that you may like to visit:

Landmarks and highlights in Malaga center

Things to see in Malaga

La Alcazaba
La Alcazaba is a Moorish fort with beautiful gardens and views over the bay. It´s dating from the 8th century.

Palacio Gibralfaro
Palacio Gibralfaro is a castle built on the foundations of an old Phoenician construction.

Catedral de Malaga
Catedral de Malaga is a cathedral on the site of a former mosque. It was built between 1528 and 1782.

Museo Picasso
Museo Picasso is a museum that was created in collaboration with the Picasso family. It has 204 masterpieces from the private collection and reflects different styles and periods of Picasso’s work.

La Malagueta
La Malagueta is a bullring located at Plaza de Toros. It was built between 1874 and 1876.
We offer several fun and unconventional ways to visit the city of Malaga while you are on shore:

Malaga City Tour & Alcazaba on a Segway

Using a Segway (training will be given) we will cruise though the center of Malaga all the way to the Alcazaba.

See full description for this tour

Wine & Tapas Bike Tour Malaga – Gastronomy and Southern Tradition

Combine a bike tour of Malaga with the tradition of tapas and wine.  Enjoy an historical and culinary tour of one of Andalusia´s most beautiful cities. On this tour we will begin by showing you the famous sights of Malaga. There will be a stop at the central market where you can see stands of fresh fish, meat, vegetables, all to open your appetite. You will then continue on to the waterfront and finally end the tour in a cozy wine cellar.

See full description for this tour

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Malaga Shore Excursions

Malaga Shore Excursions

Costa Excursions brings you the very best of travel experience. Interested guests can book the specially organized private excursions with Costa Excursions for a different holiday experience all-together. These tours are meant for those travel lovers who do not prefer hopping on and off of tour buses or drive on their own but want to enjoy a new place with luxury and comfort.

Keeping in mind the comfort and travel requirements Costa Excursions arranges for pick up from hotels in a luxury minivan or car. The Malaga shore excursions tour packages are available round the year.

There are various packages and tours to choose from for guests interested in Malaga shore excursions. The top excursion packages include Olive Oil Tour in Casabermeja, Ronda Shore Excursion, Winery Tour with Wine Tasting and Tapas in Ronda and Juanito’s Ecological Citrus Farm tour. Other than these, there are more private Malaga shore excursion tour packages in Spain for interested guests.

Our Olive Oil Tour takes guests through the countryside of Spain where Olive and Almond trees are grown. Guests will be also shown the Olive Oil mills where they can enrich their knowledge about the various types of oils that are produced here.

The Ronda Shore Excursion includes a pick up from Malaga Port and then tourists will be taken to Ronda in A/C a luxury vehicle. This tour will also cover the Spanish countryside through beautiful landscapes. The tour also comprises a day’s stay at this Spanish historic city of Ronda, situated in Andalusia. There are quite a few tourist attractions in Ronda including natural beauty and historic constructions. Ronda is also associated with modern day bullfighting. Tourists can also check out the bullring of El Maestranza, which is one of the oldest bullings in Spain.

Winery Tour in Ronda is another amazing tour along the Spanish countryside. An English-speaking driver will take guests in a luxury car for the winery tour. Wine tasting and tapas are integral part of this Malaga shore excursion. During this winery and vineyard tour, visitors will also find out about the different types of grapes and their usage in the wine industry. This private tour will be conducted at one of the finest wineries of Ronda – at Finca La Melonera.

The Ecological Citrus Farm tour is one of the best tours along the countryside of Malaga. Guests will be driven through this beautiful landscape in a luxury car. Visitors can spend an entire day at Juanito’s Citrus Farm as they find out about this amazing fruit and also its farming process. A Paella lunch is included in this day tour.

Before booking any of the private Malaga shore excursions in Spain, guests are only required to check with the available months as well as available days in a week.


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Private Shore Excursions and Tours in Malaga & Costa del Sol

Malaga Shore Excurions

CostaExcursions organizes private excursions and tours using comfortable cars and minivans with drivers, every day of the year.

If you are planning a visit to Malaga, surely you want to design your trip in such a way as to dedicate your vacation to discovering the most beautiful and characteristic places like Malaga City, Mijas, Marbella, and Ronda…

Which solution would you use to discover the beauty of Malaga and its coast in absolute tranquility and relaxation and at the same time in maximum comfort? CostaExcursions has the answer – we specialized in private tours and excursions putting at your disposal comfortable vehicles, guaranteed for their safety, with private drivers who can competently bring you wherever you’d like to go for the duration of your vacation in Malaga.

What are the advantages?

• Costa Excursions has created many one-of-a-kind excursions that are ONLY featured on our website. Our Bodega Day Tour and our Olive Oil Day Tour are prime examples of how we have utilized our small group tours to realize tour itineraries that would have been otherwise impossible to offer. When it comes to touring SMALL IS BETTER! Throughout our program of tours, the itineraries featured have been carefully designed to ensure that our clients get the most from the time they spend with us.

• The driver, besides speaking your own language fluently, is also able to help you visit places not merely as a tourist, but as a local, giving you suggestions for typical restaurants where you can taste wonderful spanish food

Besides experiencing a different and unique way of visiting Malaga, you will also have the possibility of maximizing your time in order to not waste a moment in getting to discover and know this wonderful area. For instance if you arrive at the port of Malaga, what better occasion to visit a bodega (wine cellar) in Ronda? CostaExcursions´s driver will take special care to accompany you on your transfer, helping you to avoid stress, and above all making sure that you can have fun and relax.

At this point you are probably saying to yourself, “A personalized tour in Malaga is really interesting but… how much will it cost?” Much less than you can imagine, keeping in mind that you would have about 35% more time compared to a normal organized tour, because of the absolute flexibility of our service compared to a bus tour. Buses in fact need to park far from the historic centers, forcing tourists to walk to the center while wasting a large amount of time and energy. To have an idea of how competitive our prices are, try asking for example your cruise line for the prices of the private shore excursions they offer.

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Malaga Shore Excursions – Golf Day

We offer a a great selection of Shore Excursions in Malaga at competitive prices with superb quality, reliability and service, making your cruise experience a truly memorable one.

Golf Day


Why don´t spend your day at shore playing Golf. Malaga and The Costa del sol offer a great selection of Golf courses. We have selected for you 2 Golf courses that are near by Malaga port, so you spend more time playing  and less time on transportation.

9 Holes, par 3 Golf Run in Benalmadena

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Golf day in Malaga (9 holes)

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